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One of the best methods to learn the basics of internet marketing is to develop an internet marketing e-book. You will find a lot of websites where you can get these e-books for free or for a small fee. Some websites charge you a hefty fee whereas a few other sites cost a fraction. Log on to the internet and get access to these internet marketing e-books. With a little bit of research you can find a site that offers you access to a free internet marketing e-book. However, this takes a lot of your patience. You will notice that there are a few sites that offer an entire internet marketing e-book for free whereas a few offer only a few parts. If you really like the e-book, you can the remaining parts for a fee.


If you have a laptop, PDA, Mobile Phone or a personal e-mail id, it becomes easier to store your free internet marketing e-book. Though you have access to an internet marketing e-book, it is advisable that you browse through other internet marketing e-books to get more tips and updates. You can get valuable information from the various experts on internet marketing. If you are not interested in spending a few dollars to access this information, do not worry. You can now a get a copy from your friends or get into a forum from where you can get a free copy for yourself.